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In recent years wool has enjoyed a great surge in popularity.

Not only is miraculous wool an environmentally friendly and renewable resource, but it is also durable, naturally therapeutic and ideal for footwear.

Wool acts as a natural insulator, keeping feet warm in winter, and cool in summer.

Wool fibres have a crimped shape, producing air pockets regulating temperature and absorbing more moisture than any other fibre — 30-40% — keeping skin dry, healthy, and odour free.

Wool is naturally bacteria-, mould-, and fungus-resistant.

That’s why we make an array of wool and sheepskin footwear for all ages including sheepskin boots, ladies' sheepskin boots, kids' sheepskin slippers and boots, men’s and women’s sheepskin slippers, men's' sheepskin slipper boots, sheepskin ankle boots, men’s sheepskin-lined boots, tall sheepskin boots, sheepskin booties for pressure sores, sheepskin boot liners, men’s wool shoes, wool sneakers, cabin sheepskin wool boots and much more.

Nearly all footwear is made using synthetic materials and substances providing little to no breathability nor airflow.

Moisture from the body accumulates in shoes, resulting in a negative environment for your feet.

Bacteria also thrive in dampness and darkness, causing uncomfortable, smelly, unhealthy feet.

Conditions such as athlete's foot, caused by foot fungus, also thrive in man-made materials.

Luckily, wool socks and wool insoles are the perfect remedies. Read this for more health footwear information.

And if you are diabetic, it is most important to wear breathable footwear, wool socks and shoes/boots insoles.

If you have sores on your toes and redness between them, weave loose wool between your toes to absorb moisture and watch your sores diminish in record time!

Little wool fibres create a micro-massage, signalling the body to send nutrients to problematic places.

Folks at Soul Comfort can explain the mechanics of wool’s miraculous healing powers and a rainbow of uses. We can create also a custom fit.

We guarantee your feet will never be happier than wrapped in healing and supportive wool!

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