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Sheep Wool Pet Mats


Sheep Wool Pet Beds


Organic Wool Pet Beds/Rugs/Mats

You may have 20 carpets in your home and only one sheep wool carpet, but chances are that wool carpet is where your pets will cuddle together.

Wool is at the top of the pecking order for comfort in the pet world. You Pets - Dog/Cat recognize wool at a glance. It’s organic – totally natural in their world. And wool, the natural insulator, is warm in winter and cool in summer.

That’s why we offer a long line of pet products including wool dog beds, shearling dog beds, sheepskin blankets, sheepskin wool cat mats in small and large size, large sheepskin rugs, sheepskin cat beds, shearling dog beds, sheepskin dog coats, and much more to keep your pets happy and healthy.

Customers often ask how to get their dog off the Persian carpet, perhaps the only wool carpet in their house. The answer: get your pet a wool mat or bed.

Also, or training pets, and easing a litter’s separation trauma, sheepskin wool works like a charm.

A sheepskin hide may entice dogs to instinctively chew it. But our wool mats and beds have no leather attached so our wool pet bedding works best. They are long-lasting and can be machine washed and dried.

Wet dog? There is no smelly mat as sheep’s wool is naturally bacteria-, mold- and fungus resistant!

Worried about your pet bed odor? Buy organic sheepskin wool dog/cat mats & blankets that are moisture absorbent & prevent bacteria/mold/fungus growth.

And sheep's wool bedding greatly reduces the possibility of arthritis in senior pets as wool has its own body heat to keep pets’  muscles soft with no stiffness after naps.

Show your furry family member som extra cozy LOVE with sheep wool!