The Original Soul Comfort Sheepskin has provided Quality Products for Over 30 Years at Craft Fairs, Tradeshows, Instore and now Online.

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Soul Comfort was born from a simple need. 

Many years ago I was a young mother who needed slippers for her newborn daughter's tiny feet. Slippers that would keep her feet warm and that would be durable. 

When I made that pair of infant slippers for my little girl I discovered that I had made what people were looking for. The slippers were so durable and attracted so much attention that I began making them as gifts for friends and family members, and then as items to sell. 

Soul Comfort Sheepskin was born.

But my love of all things wool goes back earlier.

I grew up in Quebec, the daughter of two Dutch parents who had survived WW2. They instilled in me the values of natural materials. In fact, I frequently heard them say that if it were not for wool the soldiers in WW2 would not have made it. The wool socks combatted foot rot and the underwear, sheepskin jackets and overalls for the aviators helped them survive in planes with no heat. 

As a talented seamstress, my mother taught me how to sew and make patterns from an early age.  This inspired me to start creating patterns for clothing and other items. At the age of nineteen I took a job with a furrier in Quebec where I learned how to work with high quality furs and discovered the soothing qualities of lamb’s wool. I decided that I wanted to create patterns for sheepskin and wool because of the many healing and comforting properties that it has.  

Today I have gained experience working with leather, sheepskin, sheep's wool and hemp. 

I work with wool not just because it is a passion but because I believe that natural fibers are the way of the future for people and the planet. My vision is that the world returns to the use of natural fibers and that the healing benefits of wool reach those who need it most - such as patients in hospitals and people near the end of their life.

Wool is incredibly comforting and healing, and I am honored to carry forward the tradition of working with this natural fiber.

Soul Comfort Today

From humble origins Soul Comfort has evolved into making a huge variety of products to satisfy the specific needs of our customers. 

I take suggestions from individuals who request products and I develop patterns for those items. Each time I develop a new product I take my design out into the public to receive feedback on how it can be improved. I then modify the patterns or create new designs that will better serve people’s needs.  

Over time people with different needs and requests prompted me to develop a variety of styles and lines of products and now I have five different lines of goods: sheepskin slippers and accessories, wool bedding and accessories, medical slippers and accessories, wool vests and jackets, and a new line of pet jackets, beds, and accessories. 

We now have several employees but remain a home-based cottage industry business. We promote our products in small local shows and displays, at trade shows in major cities and online.

We are constantly evolving!

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