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About Soul Comfort Sheepskin

sheepskin, wool & hemp shop in Duncan, BC, Canada

Soul Comfort Sheepskin, Sheep's Wool & Hemp has been dedicated to creating natural wool products for more than 34 years and WE KNOW WOOL!

Wool's natural healing qualities have been known by holistic practitioners around the world for centuries.  Our mission is to bring wool back into the position of respect it once held by the medical profession and see wool once again receive the acknowledgement it widely deserves.  Our goal is to spread the word to practitioners, podiatrists, occupational health therapists, other healthcare professionals, families, the elderly and, most importantly, the patients, about the great contribution that health-grade wool offers to preventive medicine and pain reduction for those who are ailing.

Sewing sheep wool products with complete confidence, we can say…we truly care about your health and we are committed to bringing you the finest quality sheep's wool products.  Our extensive knowledge on the benefits of wool has been carefully acquired and researched over many years.  We are continuously gathering more information and data to enable us to create even better products for you and your loved ones.

Please contact us today and let us know how we can help!
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