Wool & Hemp Shoe & Boot Insoles
Wool & Hemp Shoe & Boot Insoles
Wool & Hemp Shoe & Boot Insoles
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Wool & Hemp Shoe & Boot Insoles

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    Warm Dry Feet are Happy Feet

    These insoles are crafted in Duncan, BC with a hemp lining secured to sheep wool fabric using eco-friendly adhesive, providing a luxuriously plush support for your foot. They are designed to fit snugly in any footwear and the soft wool pile offers superior comfort while effectively absorbing moisture and regulating temperature. Choose from 4 options to meet your unique needs and enhance the comfort of all your footwear. Enjoy warmth in winter and coolness in summer with these exceptional insoles.

    Did you know?

    • Wool absorbs 30-40% of its weight in moisture.
    • Wool is antimicrobial
    • Wool and hemp are naturally bacteria, mold, and fungus-resistant. 
    • Neither take on body odors.  
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      Choice of 4 Wool Thicknesses / Densities

      350: For uniform work shoes and fitted boots
      700: For gumboots and most work boots
      850: For cold climates work boots and snow boots
      950: The ultimate in comfort and health purposes.

      Men's and Women's Sizes. Cut to fit your shoe size.

      Machine wash and lay flat to dry. Once cut, do not force in your footwear, once they buckle it is next to impossible to unbuckle and you will feel the fold. If they are to be dried in high heat, pre-wet the insoles and put them through a load before cutting to size in case of shrinking. Happy Healthy Feet! Experience ultimate comfort with our Wool & Hemp Shoe & Boot Insoles! These high-quality insoles are easily machine washable and can be laid flat to dry. Say goodbye to constantly replacing your insoles - they are designed to resist buckling. But just in case, pre-wet them before cutting them to size and drying them on high heat to avoid shrinking. Your feet will thank you, and you'll be ready for any adventure with our insoles!

      Sheepskin & Sheep Wool Footwear are grounding / earthing. They help bring a healthy balance to your magnetic field!

      At Soul Comfort, we believe that warm, dry feet are the key to happy feet. That's why we have crafted a range of high-quality wool and hemp insoles that provide exceptional comfort and support for your feet. Made with eco-friendly materials and designed to fit snugly in any footwear, our insoles offer a luxurious plush feel while effectively absorbing moisture and regulating temperature.

      Our insoles are handcrafted in Duncan, BC, with a hemp lining securely attached to sheep wool fabric using eco-friendly adhesive. This unique combination of materials creates a soft and supportive insole that will keep your feet comfortable all day long.

      Superior Comfort and Moisture Absorption

      Our wool and hemp insoles are designed to provide superior comfort and moisture absorption. Wool has the remarkable ability to absorb 30-40% of its weight in moisture, keeping your feet dry and comfortable even in the most challenging conditions. This moisture-absorbing property helps prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi, keeping your feet fresh and odor-free.

      In addition to moisture absorption, wool also has excellent temperature-regulating properties. It helps keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer, ensuring year-round comfort.

      Choose the Perfect Insole for Your Needs

      We offer four options to meet your unique needs and enhance the comfort of all your footwear:

      • Classic Wool Insoles: These insoles provide a plush and cushioned feel, perfect for everyday use.
      • Thermal Wool Insoles: Designed for colder climates, these insoles have an extra layer of insulation to keep your feet warm and cozy.
      • Odor-Resistant Wool Insoles: These insoles are treated with natural antimicrobial agents to prevent odor-causing bacteria from thriving.
      • Moisture-Wicking Hemp Insoles: Made with breathable hemp fabric, these insoles wick away moisture and keep your feet dry and comfortable.

      Whether you're hiking, running, or simply going about your daily activities, our wool and hemp insoles will provide the comfort and support your feet deserve.

      Experience the difference of Soul Comfort wool and hemp insoles and give your feet the care they deserve. Shop our collection today and enjoy the exceptional comfort and health benefits of our natural, moisture-absorbing, bacteria-resistant, and mold-preventing insoles.



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