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Wool & Hemp Shoe & Boot Insoles for men and women
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Wool & Hemp Shoe & Boot Insoles
Wool & Hemp Shoe & Boot Insoles - Soul Comfort
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Wool & Hemp Shoe & Boot Insoles

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    Warm Dry Feet are Happy Feet

    These insoles are made in Duncan, BC. A hemp backing is bonded to sheep wool fabric using an eco-friendly glue to to create an incredibly soft cushion for your foot.

    The insoles are warm in winter and cool in summer.

    Did you know?

    • Wool absorbs 30-40% of its own weight in moisture.
    • Bacteria can only thrive in moisture. 
    • Wool and hemp are naturally bacteria, mold, and fungus resistant. 
    • Neither take on body odors.  
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      Choice of 4 Wool Thicknesses / Densities

      350: For uniform work shoes and fitted boots
      700: For gumboots and most work boots
      850: For cold climate work boots and snow boots
      950: The ultimate in comfort and health purposes.

      Men's and Women's Sizes. Cut to fit your shoe size.

      Machine wash and dry. If they are to be dried in high heat, pre-wet the insoles and put them through a load before cutting to size in case of shrinking. Happy Healthy Feet!

      Sheepskin & Sheep Wool Footwear are grounding / earthing. They help bring a healthy balance to your magnetic field!

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