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 Multiple Comorbidities compromise his Circulation Issues. As a relatively new foot care nurse, I began seeing a veteran who had multiple comorbidities compromising circulation. He had a dressing to the lateral Malleolus to a wound that had been present for over a year and was being managed by wound care. My client told me that the wound was not healing, and he mentioned that it “bothered him in bed and prevented him from getting a restful sleep.” I asked if the wound was on the side he slept on. The client confirmed it was. I had recently been introduced to the properties of wool and thought of the wool bed boots I had been shown, and how the bed boots could be worn to provide comfort and would be beneficial to wound recovery. My client was desperate and willing to try anything.

BED BOOT plain or rubber bottom 


 I was on a 4-week schedule with my client. After delivering the bed boots, when I saw my client a month later, he told me that he was finally comfortable in bed and at last able to get a restful and undisturbed sleep. He told me he was not waking up in pain. The next visit he told me that the wound was finally beginning to heal. The wound care nurses were still visiting but were now noting significant changes to the wound that had not been healing until he started using the bed boots. This continued for the next few visits until the client announced that he had been discharged by the wound Care nurses since the wound had resolved. My client told me that he had told all the wound care nurses many times that his wound, as well as the accompanying pain, had been healed by the bed boots.

Jen  LPN Foot Care Nurse



 In June 2023 my client bought a pair of Bed Boots, and everything was healed by Aug 2023

The gentleman who bought the slippers had a heel that was breaking down it was spongy red and warm to the touch, and the client reported pain to walk on and to touch but the skin was not open. He healed up and the reddened areas on his ankles did as well. He just passed away just before Xmas and his wife donated his slippers to me and said and I quote " he went to heaven with perfect feet to dance with the angles." He got a pair of wool slippers that went past his ankles they were around $240 a pair. Julia Foot Care Nurse

Man with toe wound/hole The patient I have with the wound of his great toe is doing wonderful since adding the wool to it. The healing has increased tremendously attached is the last picture I took. From last week! The depth of the wound has filled in a lot. As well I am so excited to see him next week as I see him every 2 weeks.


             BED BOOT                   MERINO WOOL STRAND        LOOSE WOOL

Julia Foot Care Nurse


  Arthritis. The wife has arthritis and lots of pain to deal with. Even in the night, the arms were always sore. Somebody suggested. Wool arm sleeves and after wearing “wool” arms, the pain had mostly subsided. From the first night, she wore them.

The “arm” wool sleeve goes on every night, and she sleeps a lot better. We first bought a wool boot and that is expected the same results. Give them a try or wherever you need them. “Wool is great”.


                                                     ARM SLEEVES      






Broken Femur. Love Sheep's Wool Comfort Pads
The comfort pad is amazing. After breaking a femur, I have had to spend too many hours lying down, and since I got the comfort pad I am sleeping better, and my sore spots have diminished greatly. Thank you for sending

  1. the pad to me so quickly after our phone call, I appreciate your promptness in understanding my situation.

**Sheep’s wool has alleviated so many ailments, including amputation prevention. We are so excited to be working with you and offering these affordable items, so we can put a STOP to this needless suffering.  If any of you would like to do a medical trial, please contact us as we will supply what's needed at no charge.  We can connect with your clientele by phone if necessary and help them find the right item for their needs.


                                              COMFORT PADS







  Central Nervous System, fibromyalgia Issue. I was diagnosed with an unreliable Central nervous system and damaged from living in this world. I never get sore sleeping on my Sheep’s wool overlay. I've also put it on top of a latex mattress. I purchased a thinner one and then I got a thicker one. I still use the thinner one as well. I don't think I can say enough about it because the pain relief was astounding!

 I don't use pharmaceuticals. I don't do them, so my pain was extreme. I use salt baths. I'm sure that if I didn't have that cover and it's the therapeutic thick one, 950 grams, I'd still be in chronic pain.  We now advise people with chronic illnesses and other ailments to sleep on sheep's wool. I was on my way downtown and came in to see you. It works beautifully. One of the diagnoses is fibromyalgia so you would lay one way and I'd wake up and I’d turn over. it's just going to hurt on that side anyway and that is markedly reduced. It's not eliminated completely but considerably better. It flares up on occasion but it's a rare beauty and fun because this isn’t my norm.

I'm speechless. You know I've had this chronic pain for so long, I don't remember, but it would be the norm to be in pain all night and be wake up several times a night. After I got this mattress pad it just dropped to almost not waking in pain. I’m not saying it doesn't happen but it's rare. It's just beautiful. I feel rested.


                                            Sheep's Wool Overlay


                                              COMFORT PADS




 Diabetes, heart disease, peripheral neuropathy Issues. I am a senior with diabetes, heart disease, and peripheral neuropathy. I am always reminded to look after my feet and do a daily foot check, but I often forget. My wife and daughter look after my feet. My daughter noticed a small wound on the big toe of my right foot. After a month, after treatments from the family doctor with antibiotics, it still wasn’t getting better. After consultations with the wound care specialist and weekly visits with wound care, I was referred to a vascular surgeon. He did an assessment and informed me that the circulation in my lower legs was very poor and that not just my foot or toe, but the leg below the knee would probably have to be amputated. We looked for alternative treatments and heard about the wound-healing properties of wool. We figured that it would not harm to give it a try. We got the wool slippers from Soul Comfort and used their medical-grade loose wool over the wound and wool socks. I continued to visit the wound care nurses, but we managed the wound with wool directly applied to the wound between visits to wound care. It was remarkable. My feet felt comfortable, my circulation and the warmth of my feet improved, and my wound healed. I still have both feet, and I am not worried about my foot being amputated anymore. The nurses were also very impressed with my recovery.


                                    STERILIZED LOOSE WOOL




Osteonecrosis, peripheral neuropathy, vascular disease

  Hi, my husband is disabled and bed-bound. He has osteonecrosis, Peripheral neuropathy & peripheral vascular disease. He had pressure sores for over a year, and I would use different pillows to try to prop his feet up on various angles, but it was uncomfortable and didn't work so well. I would say the sores were a 2 or 3 out of 5 on a scale of good to very bad before we purchased the sheep’s wool medical custom-made boot. Soul Comfort created a custom pair of boots It took a couple of months to heal because of the poor circulation.


For quite some time, he struggled with recurring bedsores on pressure points on his feet, and nothing else seemed to help. I was able to send the measurements of my husband’s feet, and Soul Comfort worked with us to create an amazing pair of boots that my husband loves. The boots have helped relieve pressure on the feet, and the sores have healed. Plus, everyone who sees the boots comments on how wonderful they look.

Thank you, Soul Comfort! Ruth, 

At Soul Comfort, we felt it best to design a foot sleeve that would accommodate deformation and foot sensitivity.


Hello, my name is Ross. I am a 68-year-old male. I am 6‘3“ tall and weigh 300 pounds in my youth. I played many sports at a pretty high level in my 20s. I got my first deep thrombosis blood clot, which caused my legs to swell in my 40s. I got a second one, the other Leg, and have had issues with swollen legs and, subsequently, skin issues. I am a type two diabetic and have been since my mid-30s. My leg issues have been swelling, discoloration, and skin rashes to the point where my skin looked as though it was from an alligator. I’ve used pressure socks and other treatments for my legs, which work to variant degrees of success; pressure socks were probably the best when I discovered the Soul Comfort wool boots. I was very excited to try them. I have been wearing these boots for three months and can say that they have changed my life regarding my legs immeasurably; I no longer have any skin rash issues when I’m wearing the boots in bed at night, and my circulation increases immensely. I can feel my legs tingling with the extra circulation of blood. I believe these boots have given me a new lease on my leg and have improved my life immeasurably.


                                                      Circulatory issues                                       2 weeks later


                                         KNEE HIGH BOOTS  


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