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Sheep Wool Yoga Mat


Sheep's Wool Massage Table & Headrest Cover Set


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Massage Headrest Face Pillow Cover


Best Sheepskin Wool Kundalini Yoga Mats

At Soul Comfort, we take the position that yogic exercises must be done comfortably for the best results.

The best wool yoga rug or mat for kundalini yoga is our sheep’s-wool fabric mat with a heavy 100% cotton-canvas backing.

Our sheepskin/merino wool yoga mats contain a negative ion, protecting users from electromagnetic frequencies. Wool is the frequency of the Divine!

Wool also holds energy and soothes our whole being on all levels.

Folks can enjoy meditation on a cushy, cozy wool spiral structure promoting circulation and offering natural, loving warmth.

Our wool massage-table covers allow body heat to soften muscles during preparation for a deeper experience.

And wool's loving warmth penetrates deeply, extending the massage.

We offer several sizes in two wool densities of thickness.

Corner elastics plus two cross elastic bands ensure the cover stays well in place with movement.

Cleaning our wool yoga mats is easy since they can be machine washed and dried.

Wool is also guilt-free since sheep are sheared and the animal lives to give us wool next year! Consider our vegan wool meditation mats or rugs, sheepskin yoga mats, kundalini yoga sheepskins, Merino yoga mats, and more.

Take your practice to another level with nature's miracle fibre!

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