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The Original Soul Comfort Sheepskin has provided Quality Products for Over 30 Years at Craft Fairs, Tradeshows, Instore and now Online.
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Bob's Slippers - Sheepskin - Soul Comfort
best medical sheepskin slippers canada
adjustable swelling footwear
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Bob's Slippers - Sheepskin

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    Bob’s Slippers are 3 1/2” high and are made for patients with edema or any type of severe swelling, as well as regular and narrow feet.  These lovely slippers have a long opening on the side with a velcro closure. Priced per pair.

    All of our sheepskin footwear comes with durable cowhide non-slip leather soles (same leather sole as ballet slippers).  We use 4 oz. leather which will give you a good six to ten years' wear.  Our Health footwear is made with 5/8” sheepskin wool pile and has 1” sheepskin wool pile insoles for extra cushioning.

    Sheepskin & Sheep Wool Footwear are grounding / earthing. They help bring a healthy balance to your magnetic field!

    * Sheepskin is soft leather which will stretch up to a full shoe size.
    * Molds to your feet.
    * Fit to your shoe size for a fitting slipper.
    * Full size fits up to the next 1/2 size.
    * If you wish a loose fit, order the next size.
    * Larger sizes are available upon request.

    * Machine wash.
    * Hang to dry - may take up to two days.
    * Do not hang to dry in the sun.

    We do custom fitting for all shapes and sizes of feet. Please visit here for information on custom orders and how to measure for sizing.

    Custom Fitting, $50 per foot.

    Questions? Click "Ask about this product or make custom requests" below and send us a message!

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