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Wool is known as the best bedding for everyone.  Why would that be you may ask?  If this is your nightly experience:

You go to bed and shortly thereafter you are cozy and comfy.  Before you know it you are overheating and kick your blankets off.  Within a few minutes you catch a chill and pull the blankets back on.  You play this game all night long.  This is an
indication of sleeping in synthetics.  Most mattresses are synthetic and don't breath.  Some have wool in the mattress but the wool is covered by a synthetic fabric which defeats the wool’s actions.  People report being too hot sleeping on mattress foams.  Why is this?  Let us explain about the body and how wool used to be the only bedding fibre.  What did they know then that we have now forgotten?

Studies show we lose up to 1L of vapour moisture per night, while sleeping, through trans epidermal water loss.  It's the bodies way of detoxifying.  We are told to drink a certain amount of water each day because our skin is the largest organ, but we aren’t replenishing that moisture loss at night.  Wool wicks away the moisture the body loses, resulting in healthy looking skin.  Keep the skin dry and you will keep the skin strong, thus avoiding bed sores.  Wool absorbs 30% to 40% of its own weight in moisture making it one of the highest moisture absorbing fibres in the world.  Bacteria thrives in moisture.  Wool is bacteria, mold and fungus naturally resistant.

As wool needs to breathe, 100% cotton or cotton flannel sheets are recommended.  Synthetics will block the wool from doing what wool does best and creates an oven.  Wool will also keep the body to core body temperature of 37°Celsius all night long.  You will experience deeper stages of sleep, which is what the body needs to feel well rested and rejuvenated.  Studies even show your heart rate lowers when sleeping in wool.  To receive wool’s natural benefits, wool needs to be as close to the skin as possible, so directly under your sheet is great, but sleeping directly on the wool is most nurturing.  Fun Fact - dust mites and bed bugs don't live in wool!  Sleeping in wool is a return to the womb; a place which makes you feel safe and secure, and where all your needs are met.  Wool is also a negative ion and naturally de-stresses the body.  Wool also protects you from the magnetic waves.

Wool has a body heat of its own and as a result keeps all your muscles nice and warm all night long.  In the morning you won’t feel so stiff.  In the sports world they advise people to have a hot shower before stretching; using wool is a similar analogy.  Fisherman don’t go out to sea without their wool sweaters, and the same can be said for lumberjacks working in the forests and on the mountains.  They swear by wool.  Even when wet wool will keep you at core body temp.



Use Eco-friendly dry cleaner and/or follow instructions found inside packaging



Follow instructions found inside packaging.



Washing with Eucalan soap is most rewarding as the wool is replenished with lanolin and gets softer with each wash.  FOR HEALTH/HOSPITAL PURPOSES the wool mattress overlays can be washed in water up to 70°Celsius, meeting Canadian infection control standards.  DRY in low temp dryer, up to 85% - do not over dry.  Do not bleach.  Like Persian carpets it is natural for wool to lose fibres.  We recommend placing the mattress or pillow overlay in a dryer on AIR ONLY for 5 to 10 minutes.  This will pull out and collect the loose fibres.

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