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The Original Soul Comfort Sheepskin has provided Quality Products for Over 30 Years at Craft Fairs, Tradeshows, Instore and now Online.

Natural Wool Product Care

Natural Wool products for everyone, including your pets!

Soul Comfort has a variety of Sheepskin and Sheep Wool products to suit the needs of many.

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For Comfort, Warmth AND Moisture Control

Duvets, Mattress Overlays, Blankets, Pillows, and Comfort Pads - our all-season bedding helps maintain normal body temperature year-round. While asleep, our bodies lose nearly a litre of moisture through perspiration. Natural wool wicks moisture away from the body, absorbing 33% of its weight in moisture without feeling damp (compared to cotton at 4-8% or synthetics at 0-4%). Our Bedding Products meet Canadian National Infection Control Standards (except for Wool Duvets and Pillows).

Wool needs to breathe though, so it is advised to use wool with 100% cotton sheets, bamboo, flannel or silk (any natural fibre). Synthetics will block the wool from doing what wool does best, which is absorbing moisture and keeping your body at 98.6°F. Wool creates a "micro climate" - a sense to the womb" (especially beneficial for babies). We have Infant Care Sheepskins too! When all your needs are met, your body can relax into a peaceful deep sleep!

The wool duvets may be dry cleaned, hung outside to air out as they did in the old days, or you may wash them on the wool cycle only in a European front loader. They will shrink on the delicate cycle. They may also be dried in the European front loader on the wool cycle only.



Medical Sheepskins are all 1" high pile wool density Australian Merino sheepskin. We carry sheepskins for sleeping on, infant care, as well as long hair sheepskin rugs for decorative purposes.

Green medical skins can be washed and disinfected in an industrial washing machine at temperatures not exceeding 80°C, and dried at temperatures not exceeding 60°C.

Cream medical skins can be washed and disinfected in an industrial washing machine at temperatures not exceeding 40°C, and dried at temperatures not exceeding 30°C.



Custom Fit for Any Size, Any Shape!

Our Medical Sheepskin Footwear products are designed for those patients who are not bedridden and still get dressed every day, but require special fit for special needs, such as swollen feet, or help with healing. Our Sheepskin Medical Footwear products, like our Regular Footwear, are 100% sheepskin wool and resemble our regular footwear products to help you feel and look as ‘normal’ and stylish as possible while your body is healing. Our sheepskin products are also 100% washable in your home washing machine.

Machine wash and dry with a wool soap to keep wool soft. Best air-dried on a towel in sun.

CHOICE of 3 Types of Soles:

1. Cowhide SUEDE - non-slip - most durable (same as ballet slippers)

2. NEOPREEN - for indoor wear (especially good for Parkinson’s patients)

3. VIBRAM - pliable non-slip rubber sole (excellent outdoor wear)

*Be sure to choose the type of sole when ordering.


Our Palliative Care products are made from 100% Sheep Wool Fabric. 

Our Palliative Care products MEET Canadian National INFECTION CONTROL STANDARDS!

Sheep Wool Medical Boots

Our Medical Boots are specially designed for Palliative Care patients to provide natural insulation for warmth and comfort, and open easily for care givers to monitoring healing. The Velcro fastener is adjustable for comfort cushioning to ease pressure and prevent injury. Boots have non-slip rubber soles to provide secure footing.

Sheep Wool Protectors & Pads

Our Protectors and Pads are designed to provide optimum protection, comfort and pain relief. Extra long Velcro straps can be trimmed for custom fit. Various items available in wool density of ½" wool length - light wool density pile - and 1" wool length to suit use and function. Specially designed for Palliative Care patients.

NEW on the market! Super high-density wool of 950 grams wool per meter, sheared at a 1/2 inch and 1 inch combination to help prevent chafing.


Wash in 70°C and tumble dry up to 85%. The residual moisture will not be felt and disperse quickly on it’s own.


Ease Your Body's Aches and Pains!

Cozy Hotwater Bottle wraps, Beanie wraps, crutches covers, wheelchair and office chair covers... and MORE! Our specialty personal comfort products are designed for your everyday natural comfort and tender care; wrapping you in the protective warmth of Sheep’s Wool. These products are ideal for everyone, from babies to the elderly, athletes and business professionals, hospital or home care.

EASE the stress on your joints and SOOTHE the stress in your muscles!


Machine wash and dry. To keep wool soft, please wash with a wool soap.


"Dogs in Sheep’s Clothing"!

Wool is an excellent source of therapy recommended by veterinarians. Wool helps calm anxious animals, comfort puppies & kittens (retains the scent of mom when placed with litter - send along with puppy to its new home, to ease the transition), and sooths the discomforts and ailments of aging pets with arthritis, hip dysplasia, slipped disks, diabetes and skin problems. Wool cushions absorb moisture and prevent chafing. 

Pet Beds

Our Pet Beds are made with 100% Sheep Wool Fabric on the top, with a black canvas backing and a removable 2’ therapeutic foam or memory foam insert (for comfort). This product is wonderful for dogs and cats of all ages. Wool provides natural cushioning for comfort and protection, and is also a natural insulator-warm in winter, cool in summer. Wool’s natural structure promotes air circulation and naturally deters bacterial growth. Wool is naturally flame resistant and does not melt.

Pet Mats

These delightful Dog Mats are made with a 1" high density wool pile (700g per sq meter) and come with a choice of two backings: 100% cotton or rubber carpet underlay. Extremely durable and absorbent, to accommodate puppies and senior dogs. You can have 20 carpets in the house and only one wool one, and that is most often where you will find your pet sleeping (great for a training aide).


Machine wash using wool garment soap at 70°C (meets Canadian National Infection Control Standards). Do not bleach. For a disinfectant, use Tea Tree soap products. Tumble dry up to 85%, the residual moisture will not be felt and disperse quickly on its own.

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