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Testimonial                                                                                      Feb 1-24

Jen LPN Foot Care Nurse

 As a relatively new foot care nurse, I began seeing a veteran who had multiple comorbidities compromising circulation. He had a dressing to the lateral Malleolus to a wound that had been present for over a year and was being managed by wound care. My client told me that the wound was not healing, and he mentioned that it “bothered him in bed and prevented him from getting a restful sleep.” I asked if the wound was on the side he slept on. The client confirmed it was. I had recently been introduced to the properties of wool and thought of the wool bed boots I had been shown, and how the bed boots could be worn to provide comfort and would be beneficial to wound recovery. My client was desperate and willing to try anything.

 I was on a 4-week schedule with my client. After delivering the bed boots, when I saw my client a month later, he told me that he was finally comfortable in bed and at last able to get a restful and undisturbed sleep. He told me he was not waking up in pain. The next visit he told me that the wound was finally beginning to heal. The wound care nurses were still visiting but were now noting significant changes to the wound that had not been healing until he started using the bed boots. This continued for the next few visits until the client announced that he had been discharged by the wound Care nurses since the wound had resolved. My client told me that he had told all the wound care nurses many times that his wound, as well as the accompanying pain, had been healed by the bed boots.

 LPN Foot Care Nurse




Tony’s Testimonial                                                                July 19, 2023

Great Results,

The wife has arthritis and lots of pain to deal with. Even in the night the arms were always sore. Somebody suggested wool arm sleeves and after wearing “wool” arms, the pain had mostly subsided. From the first night see she wore them.

The “arm” wool sleeve goes on every night and she sleeps a lot better.

We first bought a wool boot and that is expected the same results. Give them a try or wherever you need them. “Wool is great”.




Testimonial January 18/24

Julia Lewis, LPN

Owner/Operator/Lead Educator

Julia Lewis' Footcare

 I have a patient bed bound. His big toe is spongy red and warm to touch and the client report painful to walk on and to touch but the skin was not open. He was put into the medical sheep’s Wool boots to start the healing process. Time lapse, a few months later.

 The patient I have with the wound of his great. His toe is doing wonderful since adding the wool to it. The healing has increased tremendously attached is the last picture i took. From last week! 

The depth of the wound has filled in a lot. As well i am so excited to see him next week as i see him every 2 weeks. 

 January 18/24





Testimonial                                                                                   February 2024

 Ruth Ann 

 Hi, my husband is disabled and bed bound. He has osteonecrosis, Peripheral neuropathy & peripheral vascular disease. He had pressure sores for over a year, and I would use different pillows to try to prop his feet up on different angles, but it was uncomfortable and didn't work so well. I would say the sores were a 2 or 3 out of 5 on a scale of good to very bad before we purchased the sheep’s wool medical custom-made boot. Soul Comfort created a custom pair of boots It took a couple months for the healing because of the poor circulation.

  He was struggling with recurring bedsores on pressure points on his feet for quite some time and nothing else seemed to help. I was able to send the measurements of my husband’s feet and Soul Comfort worked with us to create an amazing pair of boots that my husband loves. The boots have helped relieve pressure on the feet and the sores have healed. Plus, everyone who sees the boots comments on how wonderful they look.

Thank you, Soul Comfort!











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