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Why Sheep's Wool For Babies? Wool is a return to the womb.

by Anyes deLaat on March 27, 2021

The Miracle Of Wool...

Wool is loving and nurturing; a return to the womb. How would that be you may wonder? Wool is a natural insulator warm in the winter, cool in the summer. Wool has a body heat of its own and will keep you to core body temperature year round. The warmth of the wool also helps with gas. It aids the bubbles in moving upwards.

We hold our little bundles to our chest, allowing them to sense and feel our smell, our heartbeat, and our warmth. This is
how babies recognize us, their parents. Wool takes on the smell of mommy, daddy and home, and helps raise secure children, as mommy and daddy are never far. Greatly beneficial if your child goes to daycare, during naptime, at preschool,
away from home with the grandparents...home goes with them. That’s why they say you can travel the world with your newborn as long as you have your “Sheepie”.

Wool absorbs 30% to 40% of its own weight in moisture, absorbs the moisture the body naturally loses when awake and when sleeping (Transepidermal water loss), which is why most babies perspire a lot. It greatly helps with the adjustment from a watery environment (the womb) to air (at birth), when babies are born.

We use light sheep’s wool for lining with 100% cotton flannel for outers for our blankets, night sacks with arms, and sleep/play mats. We don’t use synthetics as they suffocate the body. Wool is also bacteria, mold and fungus naturally resistant,
helping to create the perfect environment for little ones to thrive. As the skin is the largest organ, it is the bodies way of de-
toxifying, which is why we use natural fibres - to keep the skin happy and healthy.


About Our Wool Baby Mats& Care...

  • 100% Australian Sheep’s Wool Fabric (sheared Merino) & 100% Cotton Flannel outer (for added breathability).
  • Machine wash and dry. Eucalan soap, or another lanolin-based soap, is best for softness.
  • May lose some fibres; natural process similar to Persian carpets.
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