Sheep Wool Mattress Overlay
Sheep Wool Mattress Overlay
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Sheep Wool Mattress Overlay

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    Sheep's Wool regulates the body temperature; it has a body heat of its own and keeps your muscles warm all night long; as a result, it is not so stiff in the morning.

    Sheep's Wool is moisture-absorbent. It absorbs 30-40% of its weight in moisture and releases it into the air. If synthetics surround you, the body will become damp and the skin vulnerable. Lying in moisture creates the perfect environment for skin to break down and for bacteria to thrive. 

    Sheep's Wool is anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. Our comfort pads offer pressure redistribution, offloading, and bed sore prevention.

    If an area of the body is reddened, you usually have a window of 24-36 hours before skin breakdown. If you place wool underneath the body, usually the coccyx, within 12 hours, you will see a 180 to the area.  

    The highest quality 100% pure Sheep's Wool Fabric comes in four wool pile densities: two non-health densities of 550 grams and 700 grams & two health densities of 850 grams and 950 grams.

    Sheep's wool pile density is 550 grams or 700 grams.  We recommend the 550 gram for those who are happy with their current mattress and the 700 gram for those who like their mattress but need more cushioning/softness.

    We have two health wool densities: 850 gram (1" wool pile) and 950 gram (1/2" wool pile woven between 1" wool pile).  The 950 gram is exclusive to Soul Comfort Sheep's Wool & Hemp.  We also recommend the 850-gram and 950 gram for those who aren't happy with the cushioning/softness of their mattress.

    All mattress overlays are fitted with four elastic straps.  If you will use the mattress overlay for a hospital bed, please add that information in the comment section below, as we add two extra elastic with velcro straps.  These are added on both sides of the overlay, where the health beds' crease lines are, to stop the overlay from buckling and creating added pressure points.

    A bonus: Sheep's wool keeps menopausal women dry with night sweats!

    Wash at 70°C (158  F) (Infections Control Canada) and tumble dry up to 85%, the residual moisture will not be felt and will disperse quickly on its own.

    Why choose a medical sheep wool overlay

    Sheep wool mattress overlays have gained recognition in the medical field for their numerous benefits. These overlays, made from high-quality sheep wool, offer unique value propositions that contribute to the comfort and well-being of patients. Let's explore the specific advantages that make sheep wool mattress overlays a valuable addition to medical settings.

    Moisture Absorption

    Sheep wool has exceptional moisture absorption properties, making it an ideal material for mattress overlays in medical environments. The natural fibers of sheep wool can absorb moisture without feeling damp, keeping patients dry and comfortable throughout their stay. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals who may experience excessive sweating or have conditions that cause night sweats.

    Bacteria Resistance

    Sheep wool possesses inherent antibacterial properties, making it resistant to the growth of harmful bacteria. In medical settings, where cleanliness and hygiene are of utmost importance, sheep wool mattress overlays provide an additional layer of protection against bacteria. This resistance to bacterial growth helps maintain a clean and safe environment for patients, reducing the risk of infections and promoting faster recovery.

    Temperature Regulation

    Sheep wool is known for its excellent insulation properties, allowing it to regulate body temperature effectively. In medical settings, where patients may experience fluctuations in body temperature due to illness or medical procedures, sheep wool mattress overlays can help maintain a comfortable and stable temperature. This feature promotes better sleep and overall well-being, contributing to the healing process.

    Pressure Relief

    Patients who are bedridden or have limited mobility often experience pressure points and discomfort. Sheep wool mattress overlays offer excellent pressure relief, distributing body weight evenly and reducing the risk of pressure ulcers. The soft and cushioning nature of sheep wool provides gentle support, alleviating pressure on sensitive areas and enhancing patient comfort.


    Sheep wool mattress overlays are known for their durability, making them a cost-effective choice for medical facilities. With proper care, these overlays can withstand frequent use and maintain their quality over time. The long-lasting nature of sheep wool mattress overlays ensures that medical institutions can provide reliable and comfortable bedding options for their patients without the need for frequent replacements.

    In conclusion, sheep wool mattress overlays offer a range of benefits that make them highly suitable for the medical field. From moisture absorption and bacteria resistance to temperature regulation, pressure relief, and durability, these overlays contribute to the comfort, hygiene, and well-being of patients. Incorporating sheep wool mattress overlays into medical settings can enhance the overall patient experience and support the healing process.



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