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Loose Sheep Wool
Loose Sheep Wool
Loose Sheep Wool
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Loose Sheep Wool

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    Loose wool can be used to weave between toes, or help prevent blisters or pressure sores. Some will also use it to absorb moisture in skin folds.

    Hand wash, dry naturally with the Eucalan soap or with Tea tree  if bacteria is a concern from a wound seepage and reuse.

    Three sizes :
    * 25 grams
    * 50 grams

    * 100 grams

    Why Choose loose  Merino Sheep 'Wool:

    Loose sheep's wool offers a range of benefits in the medical field, from preventing bacterial growth to providing moisture absorption and protection against blisters. This natural material has been used for centuries due to its unique properties and versatility.

    One of the key advantages of loose sheep's wool is its ability to prevent bacterial growth. The fibers of the wool create a natural barrier that inhibits the growth of bacteria, making it an excellent choice for medical applications. This is particularly important in environments where hygiene is crucial, such as hospitals and clinics.

    Another benefit of loose sheep's wool is its moisture absorption properties. The fibers have the ability to absorb and wick away moisture, keeping the skin dry and comfortable. This is particularly useful in situations where moisture can cause discomfort or lead to skin conditions. For example, loose sheep's wool can be used between the toes to prevent moisture buildup and protect against fungal infections.

    In addition to its moisture absorption properties, loose sheep's wool also provides protection against blisters. The soft and cushioning nature of the wool helps to reduce friction and pressure on the skin, minimizing the risk of blisters forming. This makes it an ideal material for medical dressings and padding.

    Furthermore, loose sheep's wool has been used in various medical devices and treatments. For example, it can be used in earplugs to prevent water from entering the ears during swimming or showering. The wool acts as a barrier, keeping the ears dry and protecting against infections.

    Overall, loose sheep's wool offers numerous benefits in the medical field. Its ability to prevent bacterial growth, absorb moisture, and provide protection against blisters makes it a valuable material for various applications. Whether it's used in dressings, padding, or as a barrier against water in the ears, loose sheep's wool is a natural and effective choice.



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