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Sheep's Wool Massage Table & Head Rest Cover
Sheep's Wool Massage Table Cover
Sheep's Wool Massage Face & Head Rest Cover
Sheep's Wool Cover for Massage Table
Sheep's wool cover for face and head rest
Organic Sheep's Wool Massage Table Cover
Organic Sheep's Wool for Yoga and Massage
Natural wool cover
Sheep wool Cover for healing theorapy
organic sheep's wool massage table covers
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Sheep's Wool Massage Table & Head Rest Cover

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    Create a truly comfortable healing space with our Deluxe Merino Sheep's Wool Massage Table and Headrest Face Pillow Cover.

    Provide extra comfort and promote faster recovery and deeper healing for your massage clients with our organic sheep's wool massage table covers. 

    Our covers have a cuff and elastic at each corner to help secure them in place. There are also 2 cross elastics to ensure the wool cover stays put when your client turns over or shifts position.

    Sheep's wool is a natural insulator - keeping your client at core body temperature. Wool is also naturally anti-inflammatory, promotes increased circulation and speeds healing.

    Once you finish massaging your client's back and they turn over, the warmth of the wool helps the result of your massage penetrate deeper into their back - amplifying the healing effects of your session.

    Wool vibrates at the highest frequency on Earth - which equals a wonderful, enjoyable, healing session. We can't imagine anything better than beautiful, organic, sheep's wool to wrap your massage table in!


      • Promotes Healing, Relaxation & Restoration
      • Increases Comfort
      • Releases Stress
      • Keeps Body Temperature Normal
      • Provides Cushioning
      • Reduces Pressure, Pain & Swelling
      • Draws Moisture Away From The Body
      • ** Machine Washable **