Sheep Wool Yoga Mat
Sheep Wool Yoga Mat
Sheep Wool Yoga Mat
Sheep Wool Yoga Mat
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Sheep Wool Yoga Mat

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    Our Organic/ Natural Wool Yoga Mats compliment every yoga practice from Hatha to Kundalini (and more!) and are made from 100% Australian Sheep's Merino Wool Fabric (superwash).

    About Soul Comfort's Custom Wool Yoga Mats:
       ~ Made from 100% Australian Merino Sheep's Wool Fabric
       ~ Backed with 100% Cotton 16 ounces Canvas; helps prevent slipping due to thickness
       ~ Machine wash up to 70°C or 158°F
       ~ Wash with a wool soap, preferably one with lanolin or tea tree oil
       ~ Air dry and hand press the cotton 
       ~ Come in two wool densities - 850g, and 950g (explained below)
       ~ Eco-friendly wool yoga mat - manufactured on Vancouver Island!

    Which Gram Wool Density Should I Buy?
       ~ 850 gram is dense enough for wood floors
       ~ 950 grams if you have body sensitivities; as dense (or more) than sheepskins

    Why Do Yogis (Jogis) Meditate On Wool?  

    Wool has the frequency of The Divine.  Wool is a negative ion.  Wool also protects from EMF waves. We have high-frequency wool yoga mats for meditation. You can hold the yoga position for a long period of time.

    No Sheep Are Harmed!  The sheep are sheared without injury, and their wool is then super washed and knitted into a porous fabric.  The fabric is then stabilized with potato starch.  Our mats look just like the skin, but these sacred animals are not harmed and live to donate their wool during future shears. That's why called vegan yoga mats.

    More About The Superwash Process:  The Company we order our sheep's wool fabric from analyzed the water remaining at the end of their superwash cycle is unpolluted, untainted, and uncontaminated.  No harm is done to Mother Earth!

    Shedding:  As shedding is normal, you may lose some wool fibres when you receive your new yoga mat; even Persian carpets shed! It's sustainable and renewable!

    Hot Temperatures:  In hot temperatures, because wool loves absorbing moisture, the wool can feel dry and not as soft.

    Use our Sheepskin sheep's wool Kundalini Yoga Mats/Rugs for your daily yoga practice and meditation. It promotes blood circulation and relaxes your body. It is a negative Ion!

    Why Use A Sheep Wool Yoga Mat:

    When it comes to yoga, having the right equipment can make all the difference in your practice. One often overlooked but essential piece of equipment is the yoga mat. While there are many options available on the market, one material stands out for its unique benefits - sheep wool.

    Sheep wool yoga mats, like the ones offered by Soul Comfort, are made from high-quality natural materials that provide unparalleled comfort and support. Here are some reasons why you should consider using a sheep wool yoga mat for your practice:

    1. Moisture Absorption

    Sheep wool has excellent moisture absorption properties, making it ideal for sweaty yoga sessions. Unlike synthetic materials that can become slippery when wet, sheep wool absorbs moisture, keeping your mat dry and providing a secure grip. This can help prevent slips and injuries during your practice.

    2. Bacteria Resistance

    Sheep wool naturally repels bacteria, making it a hygienic choice for your yoga mat. Bacteria and fungi thrive in warm and moist environments, which can be common on synthetic mats. By using a sheep wool mat, you can minimize the risk of bacterial growth and maintain a clean and healthy practice space.

    3. Durability

    Sheep wool is known for its durability, making it a long-lasting investment for your yoga practice. Unlike synthetic mats that can wear out quickly, sheep wool mats are built to withstand regular use and maintain their shape and support over time. With proper care, a sheep wool yoga mat can accompany you on your yoga journey for years to come.

    At Soul Comfort, we understand the importance of providing our customers with ultimate comfort and health benefits. Our sheep wool yoga mats are crafted with care and attention to detail, ensuring a superior yoga experience. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced yogi, a sheep wool yoga mat can enhance your practice and take it to the next level.

    So, why settle for a regular yoga mat when you can elevate your practice with a sheep wool yoga mat? Experience the difference for yourself and discover the comfort and support that only natural materials can provide. Shop our selection of sheep wool yoga mats at Soul Comfort and take your yoga practice to new heights.



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