Sheep Wool Pet Beds
Sheep Wool Pet Beds
Sheep Wool Pet Beds
Sheep Wool Pet Beds
Sheep Wool Pet Beds
Sheep Wool Pet Beds
Sheep Wool Pet Beds
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Sheep Wool Pet Beds

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    Our sheep's wool fabric pet beds 1 inch wool length are made with 100% Sheep's Wool fabric on the top, with a 100% cotton canvas backing and a removable wool filled pillow for additional comfort. This product is wonderful for pets of all ages.  Wool provides natural cushioning for comfort and protection.  Wool is also a natural insulator, meaning it is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  Wool’s natural structure promotes air circulation and naturally deters bacterial growth.  Wool is naturally flame resistant; it does not melt. We have 5 sizes to offer, custom orders are available.

    * 100% Cotton Canvas

    * Natural

    * Remove wool filled pillow before placing outer case in machine.
    * Machine wash in cold/lukewarm water.
    * Wash with regular or wool garment soap to ensure softness of the wool.
    * Tea Tree soap products can be used to disinfect.
    * Do not bleach.
    * Machine dry on low heat or hang to dry out of the sun.
    * Some natural de-fleecing may occur.

    Why Choose A Sheep Wool Filled Pet Bed:

    When it comes to providing comfort and support for your furry friends, a sheep wool pet mat is an excellent choice. Made from high-quality merino wool, these mats offer numerous benefits that make them the perfect addition to your pet's sleeping area. Let's explore why a sheep wool pet mat is the ideal choice for your dog or cat.

    Natural Material

    Sheep wool is a natural material that offers exceptional softness and cushioning. It provides a cozy and comfortable surface for your pet to rest on, ensuring they have a peaceful and restful sleep. Unlike synthetic materials, sheep wool is breathable, allowing air to circulate and regulate your pet's body temperature.

    Resistance to Bacteria, Mold, and Fungus

    One of the key advantages of sheep wool pet mats is their natural resistance to bacteria, mold, and fungus. This is due to the lanolin present in the wool, which acts as a protective barrier against these common pet-related issues. By choosing a sheep wool pet mat, you can help keep your pet's sleeping area clean and hygienic.

    Machine Washable

    Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is essential when it comes to your pet's bedding. Sheep wool pet mats are machine washable, making them easy to clean and maintain. Simply toss the mat in the washing machine, follow the care instructions, and it will come out fresh and clean, ready for your pet to enjoy.

    Comfort for Joint and Muscle Support

    Sheep wool pet mats provide excellent support for your pet's joints and muscles. The soft and cushioning nature of the wool helps alleviate pressure points, reducing the risk of discomfort or pain. This is especially beneficial for older pets or those with joint issues, providing them with a comfortable and supportive surface to rest on.

    Perfect for Dogs and Cats

    Whether you have a dog or a cat, a sheep wool pet mat is suitable for both. The natural properties of sheep wool make it an ideal choice for pets of all sizes and breeds. Your furry friend will appreciate the luxurious comfort and warmth that a sheep wool pet mat provides.


    Choosing a sheep wool pet mat for your dog or cat is a decision that offers numerous benefits. From the natural softness and cushioning to the resistance to bacteria and the ease of maintenance, these mats are designed with your pet's comfort and well-being in mind. Invest in a sheep wool pet mat today and provide your furry friend with the ultimate sleeping experience.

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