Bob's Slippers - Sheepskin
Bob's Slippers - Sheepskin
Bob's Slippers - Sheepskin
Bob's Slippers - Sheepskin
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Bob's Slippers - Sheepskin

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    Bob's Sheepskin Slippers are expertly designed for comfort and practicality. With a generous 3 1/2" height and a deep toe box, these slippers cater to patients with swollen feet, severe swelling. The side opening and velcro closure allow for easy access and a secure fit, which can be adjusted for varying degrees of swelling and crafted with durable cowhide non-slip leather soles.  Our Health footwear features 5/8" sheepskin wool pile and 1" wool pile insoles for superior cushioning. Experience the grounding benefits of sheepskin and wool with these top-quality, long-lasting slippers. Priced per pair. Rubber grip soles can also be requested for an additional $49 per pair, providing even more stability.

    Grounding/earthing. They help bring a healthy balance to your magnetic field!

    * Sheepskin is soft leather, which will stretch up to a full shoe size.
    * Molds to your feet.
    * Fit to your shoe size for a fitting slipper.
    * Full size fits up to the next 1/2 size.
    * If you wish for a loose fit, order the next size.
    * Larger sizes are available upon request.

    * Machine wash with a leather soap or Eucalan to enrich and feed the leather for durability.
    * Hang to dry - may take up to two days.
    * Do not hang to dry in the sun.

    We do custom fitting for all shapes and sizes of feet. Please visit here for information on custom orders and how to measure for sizing.

    Questions? Click "Ask about this product or make custom requests" below and message us!

    Why Choose our Bob's Sheepskin Slipper?

    Sheepskin slippers offer a range of unique advantages when choosing footwear for the medical field. Let's explore why sheepskin is the preferred material for medical professionals:

    Moisture Absorbency

    Sheepskin is known for its exceptional moisture absorbency. This means it can effectively wick away moisture from the skin, keeping the feet dry and comfortable. In a medical setting, where long hours of standing and walking are ordinary, moisture absorbency is crucial in preventing discomfort and potential foot problems.

    Cushioning Protection

    Sheepskin slippers provide excellent cushioning protection for the feet. The natural fibers of sheepskin create a soft and supportive surface that helps to distribute pressure evenly. This cushioning effect reduces the risk of shafting and scarring, which can be particularly important for individuals with sensitive or fragile skin.

    Antimicrobial Properties

    One of the critical benefits of sheepskin is its natural antimicrobial properties. These properties help to prevent skin breakdown and infections by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungi. In a medical environment where hygiene is paramount, the antimicrobial nature of sheepskin slippers can contribute to maintaining healthy feet and preventing complications.

    Seamless Design

    Sheepskin slippers are often crafted with a seamless design, meaning that there are no seams that can cause discomfort or irritation. This mainly benefits individuals with sensitive skin or conditions that make them more susceptible to irritation. The seamless construction ensures no seams are felt, providing a smooth and comfortable experience.

    Promotes Circulation

    The natural properties of wool, which is the primary material of sheepskin, promote circulation. Improved circulation is especially beneficial for individuals with vascular problems, including diabetics. Sheepskin slippers can help prevent aches, pains, and complications associated with poor circulation by enhancing blood flow to the feet.

    Warmth and Pain Relief

    Sheepskin slippers provide excellent insulation, keeping the feet warm even in colder environments. This warmth can benefit individuals with various ailments, such as arthritis, where cold temperatures exacerbate pain and discomfort. Sheepskin slippers can help alleviate aches and pains associated with these conditions by providing warmth.

    Overall, sheepskin slippers offer a range of benefits that make them an ideal choice for medical professionals. From moisture absorbency and cushioning protection to antimicrobial properties and seamless design, sheepskin slippers provide comfort, support, and safety for the feet in the medical field.

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