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The Original Soul Comfort Sheepskin has provided Quality Products for Over 30 Years at Craft Fairs, Tradeshows, Instore and now Online.

Looking for the perfect yoga mat to upgrade your practice? 

Our natural merino wool yoga mats are sustainable, grounding and luxurious. 

  • Anti Bacterial & Fungal

  • Machine Washable

  • Handmade In Canada

We Are Soul Comfort Sheepskin.

Our journey started with a simple need: warmth and durability for my daughter's tiny feet. Creating infant slippers that drew admiration led to the birth of Soul Comfort. My love for wool dates back to my Dutch heritage and its tales of wartime resilience. Wool was more than a material; it was a lifeline for soldiers in need.

My mother, a gifted seamstress, nurtured my passion for crafting and patterns. Later, a role with a furrier revealed the soothing qualities of lamb's wool. I was captivated by its healing potential.

Today, we work with natural fibres like wool, believing in their importance for our world. Our vision is to bring the comforting and healing benefits of wool to those who need it most, from hospital patients to those in their twilight years.

From modest beginnings, Soul Comfort has grown, shaped by your needs. Each product is a testament to your suggestions, refined through your feedback. We now offer a diverse range of sheepskin slippers, wool bedding, medical wear, wool vests, and a new line for pets.

Though we've expanded, we remain rooted in the warmth of a home-based cottage industry. We present our creations at local shows, global fairs, and online.

We are ever-evolving, just like the natural fibres we hold dear. Welcome to Soul Comfort, where quality craftsmanship meets tradition.

Anyes deLaat / Founder

What Makes Wool Yoga Mats So Different?

Naturally Anti Bacterial

Wool is anti-microbial and anti-fungal, and bed bugs can't live in it.

Balances Moisture

Wool can absorb up to 30-40 percent of its weight in water, and this absorption creates a chemical reaction that also generates heat. 

Pressure Relieving

Wool has a coiled spring-like tubular structure that gives gentle, flexible support.


Wool connects you to a natural material that has evolved throughout millions of years to support.

Wool Is Good For The Planet.




Made In Canada

What Our Customers Are Saying:

Upgrade Your Yoga Practice. 

Experience the grounding magic of natural wool.

Available In 2 Types Of Density, And 3 Sizes.
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