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Sheep Wool Bicycle Seat Cover


Sheepskin Wool Seat Covers In Canada

The miraculous warmth and comfort of sheepskin and wool are giving motorcyclists, boaters, cyclists, kayakers, and car and truck owners miles of happy and healthy traveling.

Soul Comfort’s line of organic sheep’s wool car-seat covers, sheepskin motorcycle seat covers, kayak seat covers, sheepskin bike-seat covers, steering-wheel covers, sheepskin car-seat covers, wool motorcycle-seat covers, and many more products alleviate hot spots and soreness drivers, riders, and paddlers may have the next day.

Motorcycle riders report being able to travel long hours without low-back pain thanks to sheepskin and wool seat covers.

There are several styles of sheepskin seat covers in Canada to help owners of most makes and models. They can be machine washed then hung to dry.

Vehicle wool seat covers and kayak wool seat covers offer flexible micro-coils that cushion the bodies during long trips.

A happy body provides great results from exercising and riding.

We also carry seat belt covers, sheepskin steering-wheel covers, plus sheepskin-wool mats and covers for your canoe or boat seat.