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Wool's Cozy Comfort for the Cold and Damp West Coast

by Anyes deLaat on March 20, 2024

Wool's Cozy Comfort for the Cold and Damp West Coast


Do you live with any challenging ailments such as Arthritis, Osteoporosis or Fibromyalgia? What these have in common (as well as Lupus, Colitis and Auto Immune Disorders) is that they can be made worse by our west coast weather. 


The rainy days here are both cold and damp, which can feel like we are chilled to the bone. At these times, it can be taxing maintaining an optimal body temperature, draining our precious energy, and driving up inflammation's painful symptoms.


Sleeping and resting with natural products from Soul Comfort such as wool underlays and fleece footwear/arm covers, can help mitigate the cold and damp in a number of unique ways:


Firstly, wool has inherent insulating properties. The unique coiled composition of each strand of wool, creates an open environment for our body heat to flow into and be held there, keeping us comfortably warm. As our heat continues to gather into the fibre, the earlier held warmth is pushed up and out, dissipating into the air. This repeats over and over again, ensuring a steady temperature around us. 


This is how sheep have regulated their body temperature for centuries, staying cool during the hottest days and toasty warm during the winter. When we use wool products next to our skin, we gain those benefits too, keeping pleasantly cozy, which is especially soothing for our muscles and joints.


Sheep’s coiled wool fibres are also uniquely designed to pull moisture away from their skin, keeping them warm and dry. When we use wool fibres, they also pull perspiration away from our bodies, so our skin is not susceptible to bacteria growth, and remains healthy and strong. Since laying in dampness aggravates muscles and joints, sheep’s wool also greatly improves inflammatory ailments, allowing for a more comfortable healing slumber.


Soul Comfort specializes in health grade wool products that can support which ever part of your body that needs it. Easy to use, and durable, our wool is machine wash and dry-able, meeting Canadian Infection Standards. Wool products are designed to last, and will outperform synthetics due to the coiled structure, which resists breakage and degradation. 


Whether you are at home, hospital or hospice, wool will provide dryness and warmth so you will remain as comfortable as possible. We look forward to seeing you at the shop and are happy to answer any questions, or fit you to your custom wool solution.


 Happy Earth Day. 


Anyes de Laat

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