Give the gift of Comfort
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Give the Gift of Comfort this Xmas

by Simon Brazier on December 06, 2022

Check out some great reasons Wool makes the perfect gift this Christmas.

Not only is wool a comforting and warm material, but it also has natural healing properties that greatly benefit everyone - from tiny newborns to patients near the end of life. Wool compassionately wraps our most vulnerable in tender, loving care.

Wool has something to offer everyone. From traditional wool blankets and slippers to yoga mats, made with organic, 100% Australian Merino Wool and bicycle covers, custom-made to order, wool is a stylish choice for those seeking comfort, sustainability, and healing.

You’ll feel incredibly comforted and protected, wrapped in wool, all thanks to the benefits of this incredible fibre!

Wool slippers pet mat yoga mat mattress overlay

Wool Makes You Feel Good

Wool is a nurturing, natural, hollow fibre that provides a soft cushioning layer for comfort. The coiled spring-like tubular structure of wool fibre allows it to bend up to 20,000 times before breaking. What does this mean? Wool’s flexibility provides gentle support and pressure relief while preventing shearing. For those in hospital, wool is the perfect solution for bedsores. Wool reduces the patient's healing time and increases comfort and well-being. Don’t wait to use the incredible healing powers of wool!


Wool for Babies

Wool is loving and nurturing, a return to the womb. Wool is a natural insulator warm in the winter and excellent in the summer. Wool has a body heat of its own and will keep you to core body temperature year-round. The warmth of the wool also helps with gas. It aids the bubbles in moving upwards.

We hold our little bundles to our chests, allowing them to sense and feel our smell, heartbeat, and warmth. This is how babies recognize us. Wool takes on the scent of mommy, daddy and home. This helps raise secure children.

Wool absorbs 30% to 40% of its weight in moisture. It also absorbs the water the body naturally loses when awake and sleeping. It dramatically helps adjust from a watery environment (the womb) to air (at birth) when babies are born.

We use light sheep’s wool for lining with 100% cotton flannel for outers for our blankets, night sacks with arms, and sleep/play mats. We don’t use synthetics as they suffocate the body. Wool is also bacteria, mould and fungus naturally resistant, helping to create the perfect environment for little ones to thrive.

As the skin is the largest organ, it is the body's way of detoxifying, which is why we use natural fibres - to keep the skin happy and healthy.


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